Social DiST(EM)ancing!

Hey Cybermentors!

I hope you're all doing well, and that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. 

Since all schools in Alberta are currently closed, it's the perfect time to get more involved in Cybermentor. All of our programming is online, so you can practice social distancing and remain connected to the STEAM community (or, what we're calling Social DiST(EM)ancing!). 

I've put together a small list of online resources that have STEAM content or activities. If you have any that you've found, let us know and we'll keep adding to the list!

Black History Month: Black Canadians in STEAM

This month, instead of sharing a fun science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) fact, we've decided to feature some great Black Canadians in STEM. When I started researching, I was excited to find a bunch of different incredible stories of Black women in STEM in Canada, but I after a bunch of different search terms, I started to get frustrated. Why didn't the Canadian Encyclopedia have a section in their "Black History in Canada" collection about STEM? They have athletes, activities, and authors, but not scientists or engineers.

What do you call it when the salt says hello to pepper? Seasons greetings!

Happy New Year!!

Did you make a New Years Resolution? Was it, perhaps, to get out there and go for a run? Join a sports team? Go to a yoga class? Exercise more? Good for you!

On your first run/class/practice, you might notice that you get a little sweaty. And if you lick your lips after a workout, you might notice that it tastes a little salty.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year! The first International Women’s Day was observed in 1909 in New York and was adopted by the United Nations in 1975. It is a celebration of Women’s rights and suffrage (suffrage means the right to vote). 


Canadian Physicist Donna Strickland wins Nobel Prize

Donna Strickland, associate professor at Ontario’s University of Waterloo, was honoured on Tuesday for being half of the team to earn the Noble prize in Physcs for her work developing a technique to use short-pulse, high intensity lasers! 


Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, provided a statement about the tremendous accomplishment: 


“I join Canadians and the international science community to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of Canadian physicist Dr. Donna Strickland, a winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics.

Science fair veterans offer five tips for a successful project

The Calgary Youth Science Fair — taking place this weekend on the University of Calgary campus — is the largest regional fair in Canada with close to 1,000 student participants competing at the annual event. Here, three science fair experts share their best advice for not only impressing the judges but also getting the most out of the science fair experience:

Pi Day

March 14th is known as "Pi Day"! Why? Because it is the 14th day of the thrid month (3.14)

Did you know?

The first Pi Day was held in 1988 in San Francisco as a way to draw greater attention to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

Held on March 14 (3.14 — get it?), this special math holiday corresponds with Albert Einstein's birthday.

Whether you're a math nerd or a wannabe, March 14 is our day. It's the time when those of us who dance in the transcendent, resplendent beauty of numbers unite to celebrate our irrational love of pi.

UCalgary Women in Work Week

Every year, the University of Calgary hosts "Women in Work Week". This Conference celebrates diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace. This year’s theme was Disrupting the Status Quo ­and participants will be encouraged to engage in critical thinking about existing workplace conditions and trends through conversations about technology, entrepreneurial thinking, mental health and engagement with Indigenous communities. More informaton about Women in Work Week can be found here