In addition to mentoring opportunities, Cybermentor has a range of other opportunities for volunteers. From investing a few minutes to a few years, our volunteers are passionate about inspiring girls in science and engineering.

We believe in the values and benefits of volunteer involvement and could not achieve our mandate of inspiring girls in science and engineering without the expertise and energy of our many volunteers. Cybermentor has adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (CCVI) which promotes meaningful involvement that meets the needs of both the organization and its volunteers.

10 Ways to Support Cybermentor

Even if you only have a few minutes to spare, everyone who cares about inspiring girls in science and engineering can help by supporting Cybermentor! Find the one that is right for you, and do it today.

  1. Tell a girl: Personally recommend joining Cybermentor to a girl who is between 11 – 18 and lives in Alberta. Tell her why you think Cybermentor is a good idea, and how it can help her to get the inside scoop on life as a scientist or engineer.

  2. Tell a school: Tell the science and math teachers or career counselors at your local elementary, junior high or high school about the Cybermentor program. Send them a link to our website, and our YouTube video.

  3. Share events: Let us know about events open to mentors and/or girls in the program. These could be science and engineering networking events for women, science activities for youth, or other relevant opportunities.

  4. Post a link: Post our link on your website, or your organization’s website.

  5. Display a slide: If your office or community centre has digital display screens, consider getting a Cybermentor slide included in the rotation.

  6. Include a story: Include Cybermentor in an upcoming edition of your organization’s e-newsletter or magazine.

  7. Share a video link: Have you seen a great video recently of women working or studying science, technology, engineering, or math? Send us the link.

  8. Apply to become a mentor: If you’re a woman working or studying in science, technology, engineering or math, apply to join our growing pool of Cybermentors.

  9. Apply to become an MVP: If you’re interested in making a bigger impact and helping to guide the direction of the Cybermentor program, apply for a Main Volunteer Position (MVP).

  10. Donate: Cybermentor relies on the generosity of its donors and sponsors to continue offering the program for free to girls across Alberta. When you give, you will automatically receive a charitable donation receipt, and invitations to Cybermentor events. Support Cybermentor today!

MVP Roles

Cybermentor’s three Main Volunteer Positions (MVPs) help guide the direction of the program:

1. Cybermentor Ambassadors: Ambassadors coordinate and present at local schools, community groups, events or career fairs. We provide training (in person or over Skype) a presentation template, and ongoing support. The commitment for this MVP role is to deliver a minimum of two presentations in six months, and submit a report after each presentation.

2. Social Media Support: These MVPs enrich our social media community by posting relevant content and replying to comments on the Cybermentor Twitter and Facebook pages. We provide training, and ask that you spend an hour per week, for 12 weeks or more, supporting the Cybermentor social media pages, and keeping us informed of challenges and successes.

3.  Cybermentor Advisory Council: The Council consists of mentors, girls, and community partners who provide feedback, strategic advice and support on program priorities, opportunities and directions. The Council helps identify and recruit partners, sponsors and participants as well as solicit input and support from the community. Council members attend two meetings a year, in person or via video conferencing.

If you’re interested in one of these MVP roles, apply by contacting the Cybermentor team today.